On the occasion of Education Day, a global Mushaira will be held in Dhaka

On the occasion of Education Day, a global Mushaira will be held in Dhaka


JDU MLC Dr. Khalid Anwar will be the patronage of this Mushaira in which famous poets like Salma Agha, Sambhu Sekhar, Ankita Singh, Jameel Akhtar Shafiq and Dr. Shakeel Azmi will grace the stage.

Motihari: Zeeshan Elahi Monir

In the historical land of East Champaran, a grand Mushaira will be held in Dhaka on the occasion of Education Day. One evening in the name of Nitish Kumar, the entire preparation for this Mushaira has been completed under the supervision of JDU MLC Dr. Khalid Anwar. Thousands of people can sit and enjoy the words(Sher) of poets in the Mushaira. The venue (pindal) has been decorated under the supervision of MLC. That the venue will be like the historic Red Fort of Delhi, in which the people who enter their hearts will be full of the Ganga Jamuni civilization .The gate of Mushaira decorated in view of Aksar Dham Mandir.
There is a long list of poets who recited their poems in the mushaira, including famous film actress Salma Agha, Dr. Shakeel Azmi, Johar Kanpuri, Sampat Saral, Abrar Kashif, Pratap Somonshi, Dr. Majid Deobandi, Mumtaz Naseem, Ankita Singh, Jameel Akhtar Shafiq, Fayaz Faizi, Zafar Habibi and include Ashfaq Sabir many famous poets are coming. JDU MLC Dr. Khalid Anwar has requested the people that regardless of religion and nationality, a large number of people should participate in the mushaira. Make it successful. On the occasion of Education Day, the audience will understand the importance and usefulness of education on the one hand, and on the other hand, they will be able to pay tribute to the great personality like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and his beautiful achievements. He said that On the historical land of Dhaka, the chief guests are welcomed .Mr Devesh Chandra Thakur Hon’ble Chairman Bihar Legislative Council, Mr Shravan Kumar, Minister, Government of Bihar, Mr. Ashok Chaudhary, Minister, Government of Bihar, Mr. Madan Sahni, Minister, Government of Bihar, Mr Zama Khan, Minister for Minority Welfare and Welfare, Mr. Shamim Ahmed, Minister for Law, Government of Bihar and Mr Upendar kushwaha National President Parliamentary Board (JDU) will ensure their participation in this Mushaira.

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